The cleaning solution for validating your sterile processes in the safest, easiest and fastest way.


Fits your commitment

Fits your processes

Ensuring the safety and efficacy of the sterile products being manufactured, while establishing robust assurance of contamination prevention

Validated washing cycle in a fully ASME BPE machine

FIT designing is managed in accordance with Quality Risk Management (QRM) principles to provide a proactive means of identifying, evaluating and controlling potential risks to quality. Accurate Contamination Control Strategy (CCS) can be easily granted by the automatic cleaning operation.

Complete isolation to preserve pharma grade air quality

Maintaining the quality of air is of utmost importance, especially for the production of sterile products. The HEPA filtration on the exhaust ensures that the chamber is completely isolated from external environments, thereby preventing any potential compromise of the pharmaceutical grades on the loading and unloading sides.


Fits your space

Fits your operations

Simplifying Annex 1 compliance through the implementation of validated washing is our forward-think.

The most compact footprint ever

Flexibility, Configurability, and minimal interference with the existing production system: FIT aids bio-pharmaceutical companies in overcoming space constraints within their facility layouts by offering a cGMP-compliant washing machine with a reduced footprint by 30% to 50%*.
* compared to main industrial washing machines on the market

Functional design for cGMP Technology on hand

FIT enhances operator safety and ergonomics by prioritizing usability and simplicity in its industrial design. This design automates tasks and intuitively guides the operator through the activities they must perform.


Fits your schedule

Fits your business

Unlocking the full potential of the of automated cleaning solutions in the fastest way propelling your business

Fast track delivery to expedite go-to-market

We are aware biopharmaceutical companies are challenged by the development of innovative drugs: FIT not only meets expectations but also ensures compliance with Annex 1 regulations – all within a lead time of just 5 months.

Designed for modular and flexible configuration

A modular platform designed to guide when selecting and managing the cleaning system. A unique product, composed by the features essential to your own sterile process, for a conscious choice according to your operations.

100+ years of combined expertise in GMP cleaning and pharma sterile process solutions for the highest standards of safety, efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Fedegari and IWT Pharma are a perfect match: “Together we aim to unlock the full potential of automated cleaning solutions. We are committed to assisting our clients in validating their sterile processes according to Annex 1 in the safest, easiest, and fastest way, thereby propelling their business forward” Giuseppe Fedegari & Alessandro Bernardini